Changing my list options

You’ll need your list password in order to proceed. If you don’t have it, please see "Getting your password" for instructions on how to get it. To change your various list options, visit In the text box at the bottom, enter your e-mail address under which you are currently subscribed, and press the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button. On the page that appears next, enter your list password and press "Log in". (This page might get skipped, if your browser has remembered your log in). The options page give you the following options:

  • Your Email address and "Real Name"
  • Change your list password
  • Get a password reminder
  • Mail Delivery - Enabled means you will get email messages from the list, Disabled suppresses the list from sending you messages, this can be used for vacation holds, etc
  • Set Digest Mode - Allows you to select individual emails or geting just a few Digest Messages a day. See /faq/digest for more information about digests.
  • Get Mime Digest or Plain Text Digests - What format digests to get. MIME digests, if your email program understands them are better, but many programs now don't support them well. See /faq/digest for more information about digests.
  • Receive your own posts to the list - This option, when set to no, tells the list to not send you a copy of your own posts. This does not affect digests. See Using Gmail for why gmail users will not see their own posts even if this option is set to yes.
  • Receive acknowledgement mail when you send mail to the list?
  • Get password reminder email for this list? By default you will be emailed once a month a password reminder telling you what email you are subscribed with and the associated password. Turning this option off will disable this message (but you can still request a reminder if you know the email address you are subscribed with). I do not suggest doing this unless you are sure to be able to remember the email address you are subscribed with, as it is very hard to retrieve that if you forget.
  • Conceal yourself from subscriber list? This option suppresses you name from the list of subscribers. The list is set to not let members see this list, so this option isn't really needed.
  • What language do you prefer? (Only English is currently supported)
  • Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to? Select what topics you want to see. See Topics for more information on topics.
  • Do you want to receive messages that do not match any topic filter? If you select any topics above, controls if you see messages which are not tagged. It is currently strongly suggest that you enable this, as most messages do not yet have topics provided.
  • Avoid duplicate copies of messages? Allows you to suppress getting a copy of the message from the list if you were copied directly in a reply. Does not affect digests.